Teen Stylecamp is Catwalk’s very successful course in coaching teenagers on the importance and benefits of Grooming, Etiquette, and Styling. This course is about giving young girls confidence in themselves. Teen Boot Camp, in association with Catwalk, is open to all teenagers and focuses on assertiveness, self-esteem and being happy in your own skin. The courses are taught by professionals in the business including Mandy Maher of Catwalk Modelling agency and top model Jessica Mclean. There are also other professionals within their own industries giving different classes throughout the duration of the bootcamp e.g. beauticians, sports and fitness experts, and photographers.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Deportment & Etiquette
  • Health & Fitness
  • Skincare
  • Photo Shoot & Make Overs
  • Fashion & Styling
  • Confidence Building
  • Assertiveness & Self Esteem
  • Hair & Grooming


  • The 2020 dates will be rescheduled to 2021


‘My two daughters, aged fifteen and seventeen, attended Catwalk Style Camp in August. The camp took place over three days. It was a wonderful experience for both girls and they were both very sorry when it was over. The girls learned about finding their own style and individuality, grooming and make-up, good manners and proper presentation and interview skills. They learned how to dress with style and flair to suit their own bodies. They had a wonderful last day when their hair and makeup were done professionally and there was a professional fashion shoot. The photos (on the Catwalk website) are spectacular! I would recommend that all girls between the ages of fifteen and eighteen should take part in this camp and I would certainly send my girls again. They couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks, and above all, it was fun!’

- Maggie Ryan, Director, the Ardilaun Hotel Galway

“My daughter Emily attended the Teen Boot Camp in August. She really got a lot out of it and for the first time ever she feels good about her height and I feel she has developed some confidence from it. She said that Mandy and Jessica were both lovely people and it was an excellent course. If there is going to be any advanced courses please let me know.?

- Oonagh Monaghan